Bossa Cuca Nova - Official Video

Hardware: Acer Aspire One Net-book, Tascam US224, Ibanez Guitars, Ovation Guitars, Guitar Research Bass, Oxygen 8 Keyboard

Software: UBUNTU, Ardour, Hydrogen, Qtractor, Qsynth, ZynFXAdd Synth, Guitarix, Rakkarack, Kdenlive, Gimp, Incscape, OpenShot

Plugins: 45
Tracks : 30

Everything was done under Linux - All open-source software is freely available to everybody by law.

It was tremendous fun and the outcome speaks for itself.

Special thanks to:

Robert Voltaire
40 Graus - Rio de Janeiro

This is really cool. It sure will entice others to use Linux too when making videos.

“-Liam (drug

ARDOUR ROCKS!!! Thanks for the comment.