Books on recording techniques, mixing and mastering?

Hello everyone. Considering I have self-taught how to do home recording and a a bit of mixing based on resources on the internet I think I am doing good progress so far but of course this is a never ending journey. I always like to have one or two very good e-books on the topics I really like. Can you please suggest me a couple of good e-books that can help me improve my skills on recording, mixing and also maybe get me started on mastering? Gratis is not a requirement, it can be on Amazon or similar.

Here are some free resources I found helpful. Just go through each sites articles and read anything that interests you:

I can recommend:

Mike Senior

Mixing Secrets in the small studio

+1 for Mixing Secrets, it’s very methodical and really packed with practical advice.

I like both books written by Mike:

  • “Recording Secrets For The Small Studio”

  • “Mixing Secrets For The Small Studio”

Furthermore the following book may offer some additional ideas:

  • “Your Mix Sucks” by Marc Mozart

Regarding recording topics, there is quite a lot of information available at (other parts of the website are only in German)…