Bonne Annee! Brand new to Ardour

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So I’m brand spanking new and joined up for two reasons
1 to make a small monthly contribution and
2 to track the progress of the software as far as concerns my needs

I actually wont be downloading the software for quite some time. I, at present, have the Mixbus 5 32c variant installed on a Windows 8.1 machine with 48gb ram, dual processors ( xeon e5 2690v1 16 cores 32 threads @2.9ghz before turbo) dual ssd’s and a hdd, all on a Supermicro mobo. Soundcard is a MOTU 2408 mk3, 1296 with an Apogee AD16x taking care of the inputs with a Focusrite liquid 4 pre for preamps (using the 3rd adat input on the 2408). All the outputs are routed to the MOTU 1296 and everything is clocked to an older silverplate Rosendahl nanosyncs. I record all analog sources at 24 bit 48khz.

Now even though I’m freshly invested in the development of the platform, (thanks for giving me a low cost option btw)I dont really need Ardour at the moment, Heck- I dont even mix with the Mixbus, yet. The reason is, as I understand it, that the busses are not compensated for latency. Is there a way to rectify this? or not at present?
Is this on the Ardour agenda? Or is it anomalous to the Harrison variant?

Thanks and ya’all can call me Tommy.

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So whilst perusing the site some of my questions have been answered
It is not anomalous to the the Harrison mixbus, It is on the roadmap of features to be implemented, I dont have an irc client, so does anyone know or know how to tell if its a high priority fix or less people are bothered by it and its a low priority?
Like i said this is a not a rush as I’m not using the software yet, Oh and Is there any way for me to help speed along Ardour 6 and Win development? ( other than contributing more cash?)

(Robin Gareus) #3

This has already been implemented in git, for upcoming Ardour6. but until Ardour6 is released there is no way to rectify this.

(Robin Gareus) #4

That is easily remedied: – there is also a developer email list:

Contributing code and/or bug-fixes perhaps.

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Hey Robin, Thank you so much for taking the time to answer these queries- It’s really nice of you. And I’m looking forward to Ardour 6. THX again -all my best, Tommy.

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How do I help with bug fixes btw?

(Robin Gareus) #7

First step would be to learn to compile Ardour/git from source, and then ideally find an issue that annoys you and fix it. Alternatively pick any of the many ones from

Some further reading: