Bones in the Walls - Nightmare Town (garage rock)

Our latest single is a jazzy garage rock song we released just a month or so ago. A sort of Arctic Monkeys instrumentation paired with Orville Peck vocals, and Nick Cave soul. We’re a rock duo, so it’s just guitar, organ and drum machine but I think we have a pretty full sound with just using those sounds cleverly. We were doing folk rock before, but our new songs will be much more this jazzy garage style.

Made 100% in Ardour, and the cover done 100% in Inkscape, all on a Ubuntu Studio laptop, making the whole project created on open source platforms :heart:

It’s all Ardour 6 using the following plugins:
Calf Compressor
Calf EQ8 and EQ12
Calf Vintage Delay
Calf Stereo Tools
Calf Analyzer
Calf Saturator
Calf Limiter
Dragonfly Hall Reverb
Guitarix amp sims (I typically DI everything but use amp buses to simulate the Fender 2x12, and Roland 2x12 we use live. I like this method to control how wet the sound is, while also being able to record quietly)

The gear we use is pretty slim too:

A Behringer U-phoria UMC404HD interface
Samson C01 Condenser Mic
Jaguar guitar with P90 pickups
Roland Juno DS-61 Keyboard
Alesis Performance Pad Drum machine
EDIFIER R1280T Speakers for monitoring

It’s pretty slim gear, rag tag setup, and I’m still learning, but I’m really psyched by the quality we get out of Ardour. It’s been such an amazing tool. A huge thanks to all the developers, tutorial makers (like @unfa ), and all the great support and suggestions in these forums! It’s really an amazing community!


I’ve read many times in these forums about Calf plugins being unstable and not ideal in Ardour, but I haven’t had issues with crashing so I’ve kept using them. I am considering making some changes though to see how I like using others. If any that I’m currently using are particularly poor choices, please let me know.

Calf gets a lot of bad rap around here, assumingly within reason, and I have grown to work aside most of its plugins, but I love that Vintage Delay.

You have to try the plugin suites by x42, eq10q and ZamAudio.

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Can one hear the song also somewhere else? I don’t want to sign in to Spotify—let alone install DRM in my computer, as the website asks me—, but the description you made sounds interesting, and now I am curious :slight_smile:

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For sure. That one’s published all over, if you search Bones In The Walls in nearly any streaming service you’ll find us. Here is s YouTube link to it though to keep things simple:

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I’ve tried the EQ10Q, and used it for a while, but I admit that my familiarity with the Calf 8 EQ dragged me back.

Folks keep mentioning ZamAudio, I’ll definitely take a look into what they have.


Great job! Love the film noir garage crunch and fuzz! The spooky 60’s organ is a perfect complement too… Might fit in a David Lynch movie…lol

As far as Plugins… If they are working (for you) and you are getting the sounds you want and find that the UI layouts and design are condusive to using then I wouldn’t worry too much…

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YES! I’m so glad you picked up on the David Lynch and the noir film, jazz lounge singer feel! Such a compliment!

This song recently landed on two playlists: “Welcome to Twin Peaks” and “Neo-Noir Hotel & Casino” on Spotify. Seems like they agree entirely with you on the vibes!

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Listened to the song via the YT link and liked it a lot, a bit of a Nick Cave feel, perhaps. Good job!

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Thanks for the listen, and your thoughts! I love Nick Cave, and we definitely take inspiration from him while writing our parts and lyrics.