Bonecrusher Ying Yang Twins and Fabo - A little something to play around with

Sorry but I didnt use any processing at all. A voxbox was used during tracking but that is about it.
I have tons of this stuff with some great features. A few with rough mixes on them.

Have fun
Bob Sandifer - Mix Engineer

I was able to download the session, which I did out of curiosity.

It certainly contains an ardour session of 40 or so tracks, sort of hiphop. Lots of samples, etc.

Interesting, but not a genre I listen to or aspire to work with.

Did find this:

Not spam as far as I see. Just an ardour user putting a session out there for others to mix and play with.


@bobsandifer: great idea, but “page not found”

What is this? The post makes no sense. Is it spam?

It is there, at least for those that are logged into Dropbox I assume. Haven’t taken a look at it beyond to confirm it was working though.


Who had to get dropbox recently to work with a video guy over the internet.

Yes, seems to be freely downloadable now - didn’t look into it, yet.

I also found this video where Bob rants about some DAWs and has some praise for Ardour and especially Harrison Mixbus - only showing some screenshots, though:


Thanks for sharing that link, I guess Bob doesn’t realize that of the ‘6 Windows users left out there’ 4 of them now use Linux…JK

Interesting idea for sure, if he wants to experience totally mindblowing EQ he’d better also grab one of the Mac ports that linuxDSP is working on… BTW Bob I 100% agree with you on the faders thing!

I have drawn faders on my screen. Its a fix for now. Working on a couple of more sessions. The kid I spoke about in my rant has a session that will be up soon. I mix at least 80% hiphop so when I put up a session you have an 80% chance it will be hiphop :slight_smile: I do have some punk I can toss up.

@GMaq: Thanks for mentioning the Mac ports - the latest update to the PEQ-2A Pultec style EQ is now available. Released as the PTC-2A under our ‘OverTone’ brand, V1.0.1 for Mac OSX adds 32 and 64Bit AU support (fat binary) and some minor bug fixes to do with plugin validation on some hosts. Free demo here: