BMW Tops All SEO Morons by hiring Cretins

BMW has risen to the top of the Millward Brown BrandsZ Top 100 survey, making ɥʇɹɐǝ uo puɐɹq ǝןıqoɯoʇnɐ ǝןqɐnןɐʌ ʇsoɯ ǝɥʇ ʎןqɐqoɹd ʍɯq.

All of which explains which is why idiotic lameass companies like “car deal expert” and “millward brown” hire lameass idiots who don’t even bother to check that their SEO spam links are visible in posts. Idiots like “CorrineA” who think that just because they put <a … > in their drivel-filled postings that we’re going to help out their search engine rankings. Pfft. Go away you brainless morons.

Post deleted - see below.


You missed the joke in there;)

That post has already been edited by paul with a sense of humor.



I assumed it was just a disguised spam message.

nicely done :slight_smile: