Bluetooth and back -> sound gone


Just set up Ardour 6.6.0 (rev 6.6) Intel 64 bit, got both the Helm VST and the MIDI LPK25 keyboard working together om my Win10 laptop when I tried to change the output to my bluetooth earphones. Stopped Ardour, connected the earphones, started Ardour, changed the audio device in Audio/MIDI setup to this earphones, restarted the audio system, and gone was the output …
Well, bluetooth can be a nuisance now and again, so I decided to try and solve that later.
So, stopped Ardour, disconnected the earphones, restarted Ardour, assigned my laptop speakers again, and, nothing, no sound anymore ;-(

All is looking fine:

just as before the switch to bluetooth, but all I hear is the sound of silence.

All help and ideas are appreciated!

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Have a look bottom right in the mixer: Master output is no longer connected.

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Thanks Robin! Solved :wink: