BlueSuedeShoes track

Here’s a new track named BlueSuedeShoes :wink: (not the Elvis one song, but there’s a link)

done with Ardour, electric bass, electric guitar and some plugins :wink:

1 * LV2 Calf Multiband Compressor (by Calf Studio Gear)
1 * LV2 ACE Fluid Synth (by Ardour Community)
14 * LV2 x42-comp - Dynamic Compressor Stereo (by Robin Gareus)
26 * Lua ACE High/Low Pass Filter (by Ardour Community)
1 * LV2 x42-Autotune (by Robin Gareus)
12 * LV2 x42-eq - Parametric Equalizer Stereo (by Robin Gareus)
1 * LV2 GxTubeVibrato (by Hermann Meyer)
6 * LV2 x42-dpl - Digital Peak Limiter Stereo (by Robin Gareus)
1 * LV2 GxChorus-Stereo (by Guitarix team)
5 * VST3 Dragonfly Room Reverb (by Michael Willis)
5 * LV2 Geonkick Single (by Iurie Nistor)
1 * LV2 Calf Transient Designer (by Calf Studio Gear)
6 * LV2 ACE Delay (by Ardour Community)
2 * LV2 Calf Deesser (by Calf Studio Gear)
2 * LV2 Calf Bass Enhancer (by Calf Studio Gear)

And by the way, automations :wink:

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