Artist: Fuckin Shit Biscuits
Album: Cleaner Than Fish Pussy
Song: Blueballs
Produced with Ardour on x86 Linux

All songs produced, written and copyright owned by Fuckin Shit Biscuits (Ron Parker, Bill Bailey, Dana Bailey, Joe Bailey). Mon Jul 23 07:33:38 PDT 2007. You are encouraged to download songs for personal usage but are prohibited from distributing or creating derivitive works without written permission from a Fuckin Shit Biscuit.

I might redo the high vocal parts and Dana will replace the keys with real pipe organ if he gets off his lazy rear–Pastor Joe loves the band and has granted us access to an awesome pipe organ. The mix is a quickie, I’ll probably tweak it. Afterwards, it’ll be mastered individually for internet distribution and collectively as part of a CD. All instruments are played live, there are no sequences.


A-veryniace-a Ron. Can’t wait for the upload of God’s Fart.