Blockage due to unclear payment system

Hello, I have a problem with Ardour 7 (on Linux Mint) and its payment system (or rather “lack of a real one”), which seems to me very hard to understand (why, how) and too little documented in the manuals and on the Ardour site. I made a one-off payment of 45€ (3 months ago) when I wanted to install Ardour. I don’t remember why I opted for the one-off payment, or whether my payment provided me with a code that I entered somewhere … but today my use of Ardour is interrupted every five minutes by a switch to silent mode and a window reminding me that I should pay (1). And above all, nowhere in the Ardour menus can I find a way of providing a code or informing my Ardour installation that I’ve actually paid :-/
Thanks for your help.
[1: Incidentally, and even though I know I’m not necessarily addressing developers here, I’ll leave you with this thought: even though I fully understand that such qualitative software needs funding, I really don’t like this aggressive window process that disrupts use. I don’t really feel that I’m in the free software register here, and yet it was purely out of affinity with the values of free software that I decided to install ardour … because previously I’d been fine with Reaper (!) The latter, although also paid for, uses a much less intrusive callback system … now that’s ironic :wink: ]

There is no code entering. You are probably getting this prompt from a plugin you have installed. Start an empty project and see if you still get it.

The FAQ has solutions to this and other download problems:

To clarify a bit on @Largos 's post, with Ardour there is no ability to ‘enter a code’. You either download the full version, or the demo version. If your version is silent, you downloaded and installed the demo version, you need to download the full version. The question is, were you logged in to the website when you made your donation, if you were all you need to do is log in again and download/install the full version, which you should be able to without issue. Otherwise you will need to follow the steps @kwurst posted in the FAQ.

  • The way Ardour is set up is intentionally so you don’t need to worry about internet access on your machine to get the full version, as not everyone connects their production machine to the internet, you either have the full version and install it, or you don’t.

I see I wasn’t paying enough attention when I read the FAQ ! Indeed, it was there :flushed: Putting this information together, I’m beginning to understand, thank you. The fact that I installed Ardour via the Linux Mint repositories was at the root of the problem. Suggestion: a clearer warning message would nevertheless be welcome, as as it stands it’s difficult to understand the meaning of the limitation. Likewise, a clearer warning message when I go to the “pay for ardour” part of the ardour website, so that I can better understand the differences between the 3 options (“donate without creating an account”/“donate creating an account”/“subscribe creating an account”) would be welcome! … unless they’ve been there all along, but there too I’ve been inattentive :sleeping: … thanks

I don’t know Linux Mint well enough but I strongly doubt that their version is a demo. Linux distros usually build binary packages from source code and that is what you get via the package manager. The deal is though that you don’t get support from the ardour developers in this forum or on the #ardour IRC channel for any distro supplied version, just for the binary bundle package from

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