Bleeping out expletives

I have a pod cast I want to post on my website but the person speaking asks that that I edit out an expletive. I would think that there’s some sort of tone generator, or something like that in Ardour that I can use to bleep it out. Does anyone have a solution for this? If you do and can let me know I would greatly appreciate it. Thanks!



you could simply use an automation that reduces the volume temporarily to zero, it’s the least obvious form of censorship and therefore preferred by most censors today.


Umm… zoom in, select the area in question, cut it, replace with a sample of your choice … bonus points for creativity.

Or as you mentioned, there are tone generator LADSPA plugins that I have used when I wanted that specific sound before yes. As others mentioned, utilize automation to bring it in on that word and back out again.


Thanks for everyone for the feedback.

I’m sorry I wasn’t clearer. I already prepared the podcast utilizing the automation “trick,” but the person said they preferred a bleep sound (I guess they’re old school!).

I’ll see if I can the tone generator to work for me. Thanks!


I suggest you go the Metalocalypse route and use a screeching guitar solo to cover up the profanity. :slight_smile: