Hello Community!

My first post in this forum.
Here is my first mix created with Ardour 4.2 from this site on Linux.
I’m a member of the band BLACY. We are a little young band from Germany making Pop/Rock music, I hope you enjoy it!

I have to say that this track was created in one night because the deadline for a band competition was the next day. So now I would change some things in bass and the vocals are a bit to loud in relation to the other instruments.

Everything was recorded with a Blue Yeti microphone and Focusrite Scarlett 2i2 interface in a commonly living room…

A big thank you to the developers for this great software!

The drums are created with wav samples in LMMS Sequenzer

Sounds good!
I think the vocals are at a good level for this type of song actually, though if you were trying to get some more of the guitar and keyboard melody stuff to punch through, I recommend watching this for some ideas.

You can get some pretty interesting results with transient designer, crusher, saturation, exciter and phasing combos.

What effects do you have on the vocals? It sounds like a small delay and some reverb, but whatever it is, it sounds very nice for her style…very clear but blends well too.

Very cool, it proves that you don’t have to spend thousands of dollars before you can make a remarkable recording.

Thank you for your response! I mostly used the Calf Plugins but I had much trouble with them the last time. Especially the EQs caused many problems and I lost all my settings in between times. Since (I think) Ardour 4.6 and latest calf git everything worked again. I heard many good things about the x42-eq and the Black EQ by LinuxDSP, I will use it for further work.
The most used plugins are EQ, Compressor and the Transient Designer. Furthermore I used Multibandcompressoion by LinuxDSP. I will have a look into the others!
For Vocals I used Calf Reverb and Delay and played around with the settings.
The keyboard was the most complicated element beause we used the headphone output from a cheap Roland E-Piano… ;D There were more problems with the vocals, they have much reverberation from the room so they don’t stand out directly. Acoustic and Electric guitar were recorded D.I.
Here is the raw edited unprocessed version so you can get an impression.

In May we make some records in a good recording studio, I will upload the mixing results.

Thank you!

I heard many good things about the x42-eq and the Black EQ by LinuxDSP, I will use it for further work.

@krischan941: I developed the linuxDSP plug-ins, sadly it was not commercially viable to continue developing / maintaining them only for Linux, however some of them live on, and are very much still developed and available, for Windows and Mac as well as Linux here:

The linuxDSP EQ has been superseded by the OverTone AF2-10 graphical EQ - this provides much improved user interface and DSP, with fully de-cramped, zero latency filters, which accurately model the equivalent analogue response even at Nyquist.