Black Pearl Kit: Assigning tracks to imported midi file

I have imported an existing midi file into Ardour, then I added the Black pearl multi-kit (to the midi track, replacing the default synth).
There are two instrument parts in the midi file; hihat and tambourine.
Although the kit has 9 audio tracks in the mixer, the hihat and tambourine are coming through the same audio track. How can I make them each use their own audio track and can I then remove the unused drum tracks from the project?
Many thanks

That is correct, the direct out are as follows:

  • 1 Kick (mono)
  • 2 Snare (mono)
  • 3 Hi-Hat (mono)
  • 4 Tom (mono)
  • 5 Floor-Tom (mono)
  • 6+7 Cymbals (stereo)
  • 8+9 Percussion (stereo)

I have just double checked: The HiHat has a dedicated channel, while the tambourine is routed to percussions.

The channel layout is fixed and cannot be changed. You could however use two (or more) instances of the plugin to separate percussion sounds (tambourine, hand clap, maracas, cowbell). – or use a different synth for those altogether.

Thanks Robin. I will do more checking. Would the fact that the midi file was originally made on the non-multi version of the drum kit affect the routing?

The AVL drum kits (multi-output version) are used in almost all of my songs. The only time when I had issues I had messed up the audio routing of the plugin. Otherwise they behave exactly as Robin describes, at least for me, HH and percucssion on different audio outputs.

You can copy the MIDI clip to new MIDI track with another AVL plugin instance, and delete everything except tambourine, so you have only one instrument on this track, and remove the tambourine from the original track.

Or you can delete all instruments except tambourine from the original track and bounce this to the audio track, and then do β€œredo” to bring back all drums and remove tambourine from this MIDI clip.
I often bounce single drum instruments to separate audio tracks (separate kick, snare, toms and cymbals) then remove completely MIDI track with the plugin to reduce the CPU load.

Good luck!

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Thanks, yes rendering the parts to audio is easiest for me too.
Thanks everyone for your help :smile:

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