Black Hole, by Bones in the Walls

We just released another track from our coming album, again made 100% in Ardour on Linux.

Another of our curious Indie Rock/Folk/Americana sound, this one is darker and heavier with a cool southwestern groove. Reminds us of a heavier Calexico. We really liked making this one, and I think 90% of it’s cool vibe comes from heavy use of Steve Harris’s reverse delay plugin.

As per usual for our 2 person group, here is our gear:

Jaguar guitar with P90 pickups
Gretsch Jim Dandy parlor acoustic
Roland Juno DS Keyboard
Alesis PerformancePad eDrums
A handful of random Latin percussion odds and ends
Ubuntu Studio on an old Mac

And here are the plugins used:

Hall and Plate Dragonfly reverbs (love these… so so much)
Reverse Delay by Steve Harris
Calf Vintage Delay
Calf Multiband Compressor
Calf SideChain Compressor
Calf Saturator
Calf Limiter
Calf Analyzer (This analyzer is handy for spotting where songs are lacking)
EQ10Q Stereo by Pere Rafois Soler (Swiss army knife of an EQ)
AutoPanner by TAP
Amp Sim (emulating a Fender) by Guitarix
Tremolo by Guitarix
EBU R128 Meter by Robin Gareus (This meter is so handy)

Feel free to ask about anything you like, I’m an open book when it comes to sharing how things were made or done. And again, thanks you so much to the whole Ardour team and forum contributors. This software is such a wonderful product. I’ve been using it for a good 2-3 years now and I’ve never been happier. I’ve swapped between Reaper and Ableton helping others with their projects but am always so glad to come back home to Ardour where I feel I can REALLY control what’s going on. You have a lifelong fan!

Here are streaming links:


Great production! Great vocals too!


That means a lot. Folks seem to find my vocals pretty divisive-- you either like them or hate them. And production has been a slow learning process, so It’s good to hear I’m on the right track. Thanks for the comments for sure!

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Since you posted Unknown Worlds, I’ve become a big fan of Bones. And I just love your vocal style. It’s been a long time since a newish band drew me in so much.

I bought ‘Black Hole’ the day it released. Really looking forward to the full album release.

Funny you should mention the Steve Harris reverse delay. I just used that the other week when I had a sudden desire to see if I could pull off an authentic-enough sounding bassline from the original Doctor Who theme. Worked pretty well, I think. There are some gems amongst those LADSPA plugs.

Thanks for sharing!


Wow, thanks Belladonna! :heart: Very much appreciated, we’re glad to hear you dig our sound and support our music! And yeah, that Reverse Delay is a new staple for me. I love the atmosphere it adds.

The full album is very close to done. Last week we finished the last recordings and mixing. It’s only finishing touches and mastering the last tracks at this point. I may drop one more single to buy myself some time while we finish the rest of it, but I expect the full album will drop September.


Great stuff. Also think your vocals are great as Glen & Belladonna mentioned. Distinctive & really suit the song. Really dig this tune, & the production & whole sound is fantastic.

looking forward to the album :vulcan_salute:

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Well it’s not what I’m into, but I still think the vocals and the production are great. Keep up the good work.

I’m not very knowledgeable about this genre, so this might not be worth much, but this song reminds me of Interpol.

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Thanks for the listen and the comments! I’ll definitely take them as compliments. I’m a big fan of Interpol’s sound and anybody else who has that sort of vibe (She Wants Revenge, etc). So if we’re evoking anything close to that, then I’m glad.

Thanks for the comments! It’s great to hear affirmation that we’re on the right track and making decent stuff. Haha, and we liked the :vulcan_salute: emoji as well! Right on theme for the album. :slight_smile:

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