Binding MIDI controls to currently selected track

I have been reviewing the MIDI binding doco here. (

This looks great… However what I would really love is to be able to assign a set of buttons and knobs to the currently selected track. I can’t see it in this documentation, but it would be a fantastic feature…

The reasoning is that while faders (and mute and record arm buttons) are often used simultaneously, tweaking EQ, or other plugins selecting Solo e.t.c… are done on a selected track basis.

Think of the layout of some digital desks where the encoder function is contextual to what you have currently selected.

If it’s possible, please let me know how…

If it’s not, I’ll happily put in a feature request if one doesn’t already exist.



There is no way to do this, and I’m pretty sure that the feature request already exists.

ok thanks…

I’ll go look for the feature request and sponsor it :slight_smile:

In the meantime, I think I’ll create a binding map that joins my Novation SL remote and the A&H Zed R16…



sponsored… I know 50 USD is chicken feed in terms of the value of a developers time and no guarantee it will get done… but it is a token of my appreciation.

@allank: Yes it would be a great feature. The one thing to think about is that there can be more than one “Selected” track at a time. Holding down Control and selecting tracks for example (even on a Mackie surface), or selecting a track that is part of a group. Care would be required in the use of such a feature.

New option [ ] “Selected” means first selected track only


I added another “chicken feed” :wink: ($50,-). $1 stolen by PayPal.

@paul… optional … selected means first selected track only… OR selected means apply to all selected tracks… (like a temporary grouping) … I personally like that idea… not sure if that would work though…

@pedro, you have pre-paid for the sponsorship? maybe this is a good idea… although in the past I have paid sponsorship directly to the dev who did the fix.

@allank, yes i did. I don’t know how the sponsorship works. I expected redirecting to payment gateway or so, but nothing happened on the Mantis. So i made the payment through the right sidebar on this forum.
Yes, i think also, control all selected tracks together (temporary grouping).

@pedro42, I don’t think the dev’s register the payments on Mantis… I was looking through some old sponsorships I’d done, and I could see where I had added a message to acknowledge the sponsorship paid… but still showing unpaid on Mantis, no biggie.

IN general the ‘bounty’ program is not really upkept. When a bug is fixed or a feature implemented you have ‘sponsored’ just make a donation through Paypal, and tell Paul in IRC or via email what it is for. There isn’t really an escrow type of setup to allow for prepaying and similar.


OK, i found thread . It’s old, but still valid. OK, i’ll pay again, when/if this will be implemented.

yep… that’s why I said it’s chicken feed… I work in IT too (not a developer, occasionally use snippets of code to do my work… ) if anything this more of a way of saying this issue is important to me AND as a way of saying thank you…
In Australia we often say thanks to mates who help us out by taking them to the pub, having a BBQ or gifting them a slab of beer… If your mate has helped you in the garden for a day and they are a landscaper, that slab of beer doesn’t even cover a single hour of their work, but it’s a currency of “thanks” rather than actual currency .
I can’t take Paul (or whichever dev) to the pub, or drop around a slab of beer (I think it’s called a case in the states)… but I can sponsor 50 bucks… which would get a decent craft beer…