Bill Withers - Ain't No Sunshine (Cover)

A cover of Bill Withers’s standard with female singer, bass, cajon, fender strat and shaker. (Our band is Orange trio music, subscribe here)
Everything is made with ardour and Ubuntu Studio 19.04
Plugins: Eq 10Q (pere rafols soler) and Calf Reverb
Video editing with KDEnlive.
Video with Sony A7RIII and Sigma 50mm ART


Lovely stuff. More please :wink:

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Yes ! We have a Youtube channel here:

You can subscribe here: Subscribe

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Wow! Impeccable playing and vocals, funky jazz arrangement, what’s not to love!? Great work!

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Thanks a lot!
On our youtube channel, everything is recorded with ardour and ubuntu studio. Masters are sometime made with LANDR…


Delicious. Double Delicious.

Wow, that made my day! Thanks for sharing!

And congrats to the wedding! The sting cover of “Shape of my heart” is also outstanding. I like it better than the original.

Now I wonder if the cajon player also has stoned smile like the drummer in the original: :grin:

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I am very impressed with your work on the software … you are really doing exceptional and very high quality work.
I only work with Linux and Ardour is really the best software for recording.
Thanks again.
Thank you for your comment !

I play the Cajon on the recording, and bass also…
I don’t have the same smile like the drummer in the original because i quit smoking drugs for many years… :joy:
I’m kidding…
I am very impressed with your work on software and realtime and that of Paul as well (a real mystery for me)…
Thank you for your comment!

Love the smooth guitar playing, great production (loved the video too!)

Thanks a lot !
Do you have audios too?

Sure, you can hear at Still making my way in production but I hope you like it! There’s more tracks in the way.

OBS: The work is really varied, so I encourage you to try a couple of tracks.

Ok fine…i’m going to listen…If you subscribe to our youtube channel this will be great! click here to subscribe

I’m listening…really love some tracks…Louça is beautiful, nascimento too…really good sound and mix…guitar parts also…
Are you french (because of Pierre), we are…

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Thank you, Jf. I’m glad you liked it!

“Louça” actually is from another band and I don’t know really why Soundcloud put it in the middle of my material. But that band is great and it’s nice to know new music anyway, right?

The rest of the tracks are songs I wrote and recorded.

My father was french and gave me a french name. But I was born in Brasil, at Rio de Janeiro.

This year actually finally I could visit France, in January (before the pandemic). I stayed in Aix-en-Provence, Montluçon et Paris. My family from my father side is from Montluçon.



I listened to the other tracks…beautiful…i’m also classical guitarist and i love brazilian music…
Your music is really beautiful.
We live around Avignon (South of France, Provence).

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Thank you Jf,

I’m working on more material now, hope you enjoy also.

Brazilian music is indeed great, I could talk endlessly here about it. If you’re into acoustic guitar brazilian style I’d recommend listening to Garoto, if you haven’t already. It reminds me a little about the style of music you do.

I know Avignon, it was the city of the Popes in the middle ages, right? I almost went there, since it’s near from Aix (end up visiting Nimes).

Garoto, very nice !
Yes we live in Avignon…and i was born in Nimes…the world is small…

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Great stuff Jf !
Really love how you guys sound
The cover of Shape of my Heart is awesome too !
keep up the good work !

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