Big Fader Mode - comments?

Hello all,

I’m working on a touch-screen front-end to Mixbus, and added feature to toggle the fader size for easier multi-touch interaction. A screen shot is attached - comments?

Stephen Pope in Ojai/CA/USA

If this is for mixbus, it really should go to Harrison.

But also, as a potentially important footnote: the Ardour/Mixbus GUI cannot support multitouch.

Thanks for your comments, Paul; I work on the Mixbus code branch, but all of my changes apply equally to Ardour.

I’m confused by your note that the Ardour/Mixbus GUI cannot support multitouch; my app gets messages from the touchscreen and sends them to the DAW via OSC messages, so I can have multiple finger trackers sending updates to several faders at once. (That’s the point)


The GUI toolkit we use cannot support multitouch. You’re doing multitouch in your app, and converting that to a serialized set of OSC messages.

Of course, Paul