Big clock questions

I have a couple of questions about the big clock:

  1. How can I move it around on the screen?

  2. I have no idea what I did. I meant to close the big clock by hitting Alt-B, but I accidentally hit some other key combination, and then Alt-B armed tracks for recording instead of closing the big clock. Having no idea how to fix it, I simply quit and re-started Ardour. What did I do? I’d like to know how to fix it if it happens again without having to resort to quitting Ardour.

this is an issue with your window manager, which chooses to not decorate certainly types of windows with the usual “extras”. what version of ardour are you using?

Alt-left-click seems to work. Thanks!

2.8.12, rev. 11782. The big clock doesn’t appear to have window decorations. I seriously doubt the problem lies with Fluxbox, since it gives window decorations to everything else without fail…

LeatnusPenguin: What problem? It seems clear to me that the Big Clock was simply not coded to have a window decoration…


As Paul mentioned above, it isn’t that Ardour is coded to prevent window decoration on it, it is that Fluxbox, your Window Manager, is choosing NOT to give window decorations to certain types of windows. I don’t remember off hand how the big clock window is coded but there is nothing in there to my knowledge intended to prevent window decorations from being attached to it. It is all in how your window manager handles it.