Better comping (Ableton-like)

Of all the DAWs I’ve tried, Ableton has the best comping in my opinion.

In Ardour, comping is a more manual process. In Ableton, one can select the parts of each take they desire, which are then automatically copied to the track, and then they can be moved around and edited as one pleases while still keeping all of the takes fully intact, with no splitting, so they can be listened to independently. Most importantly, different sections of different takes can be selected without having to switch tools and cut and paste so that the user can comp while looping, allowing the user to focus on the sound and rapidly modify the comp until it is as desired.

I’m not sure if Ableton does this, but it would be additionally useful if each selection had a unique colour assigned to it, so that if a section of a take is moved somewhere else on the timeline, it is clear which section of which take it came from.

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