beta2 - Segfault when loading specific project file

Apologies if this is the wrong place to post about a3beta, although this problem has happened before when using Ardour 2 but the projects lost as a result of that were never important enough to warrant a forum post.
Attempting to load a specific project file in beta2 results in a segfault. here’s the command-line output of the attempt:
I know my CALF plugins are a bit messed up; I installed them in multiple places. Yes they are the experimental ones; I compiled them from source, hence the messy install. But other projects use the plugins and launch without problem, so I’m thinking that’s not the issue. If it would help, I could post the .ardour file.
This is a rather important project; I was in the final stages of preparing it for release when this happened so as you can imagine this is quite frustrating. It seems to me that a file being opened by a program should never cause a segfault; perhaps some sort of helpful output explaining the problem with the file and then a soft crash, but just straight up dying?
should I file a bug report, or is this already a known problem? I am guessing that the project file is somehow corrupted, but using the .ardour.bak file also segfaults ardour, as well as an older snapshot. Any help at all would be appreciated.

Please use IRC or the mailing list to discuss A3, and I don’t recommend using it for production projects at this point as it isn’t released.

Look forward to hearing from you on IRC or the mailing list. I would suggest coming with backtraces and console logs prepared.


alrighty. learned how to do things like backtraces, which was fun, and hit up the IRC. someone by the name of las said they were looking at the problem and might put out a patch tomorrow. so thanks!