best way to sync ardour and rosegarden


I was wondering, is there a recommended way for syncing up ardour and rosegarden? I’m on a custom ubuntu 10.04 with an RME Multiface II, and my pc is powerful (1,5 msec latency with no xruns), but I can sync rosegarden 10.10 with ardour only to play/stop at the same time, and not for looping.

Also, rosegarden transport seems not to work anymore if I set midi MMC and/or MTC slave in the pref window, and generally also playback/stop is kind of unreliable. Does anybody know a solution for all this?


I use Jack to sync both. It works without problems. Somewhere in the top of ardour main window you can set sync to jack. And right below there is a choicebox where you can decide if ardour should be master or slave.
Some similar, you’ll find in rosegarden. I’m not at my music PC right now. If you need more details, maybe this evening (Europe)

I already set the transport in adour and rosegarden to jack, and set rosegarden to time master in midi prefs. The transport is synced until I decide to loop something in ardour…

What’s sending the midi MMC commands that you slave rosegarden to? I agree with Scary-Hallo that you should probably use jack transport to keep everything in sync. I have an external recorder that sends MMC and I use QJackMMC to drive Rosegarden and Ardour, but it should work with internal programs that send MMC as well:

Works pretty well for me, your mileage may vary…

If you loop in ardour, maybe you should set ardour to master.