Best SFZ/SF2 instrument sources Open Source, Free, and Commercial (and related misc) As of June 2023

I have been gathering this list the last couple of days, and thought I would share. I basically grabbed everything that still seems to exist on the Internet. If you see anything missing, please add. Enjoy! :slightly_smiling_face:

Best SFZ/SF2 instrument sources Open Source, Free, and Commercial (and related misc) As of June 2023

Amazound Samples

Precision Sound

List of Sampled Instrument Libraries

The Other List of Sampled Instrument Libraries


Musical Artifacts

Signal Experiments

Virtual Playing Orchestra

Karoryfer Samples

Versilian Studios Virtual Instruments (VSCO-Community Edition Chamber Orchestra)

Da Real 110 Sample Library

Orange Tree Samples - Jazz Funk Drum Sample Library

Salamander Drumkit

SM Drums


BPB Mini Analogue Collection

No Budget Orchestra Archive (on

Production Voices Free Pianos

Production Voices Piano Bundle


IvyAudio - Piano-in-162

IvyAudio Libraries

Bigcat Instruments

K18 Upright Piano

Synthfont Soundfonts

S. Christian Collins

Soundfonts 4U

RK Hive Soundfont Archive

Arachno Soundfont


Soni Musicae

Zynthian Soundfont Collection Links

Learjeff’s Soundfonts

Personal Copy Soundfonts


Breity’s Free Instruments

The Jazz Page

FMJ-Software Instruments

Ethan’s Original SoundFonts

Internet Archive Files for Free-Soundfonts-sf2-2019-04

Polyphone Soundfonts

GM Synths and Soundfonts

Solarus Forum Has a good list of soundfonts and SFZ


Open Source Drumkit

SFZ Mappings for various sample sets

SFZ Instruments Github Repositories

Banchetto Musicale Sampling Library

Commodore 64 Synthesizer Sessions DELUXE

Modular Samples

3 Pages of Open Source Sample Libraries (with SFZ mappings)

Fairlight Sound Library Database

A little freebie Kontakt instrument. (Also, now in SFZ format)

Wave Alchemy Samples and SFZ mappings

BedRoomProducersBlog BPB

SOUNDBANK HOST: ZAMPLER (Check to confirm that Zampler sound banks are playable by sfz players)

Zampler Soundbanks

SZCZ’s Audio Adventures

Samples From Mars



Soundfonts 4U




Internet Archive

Les Productions Zvon

Digital Sound Factory

Phils Computer Lab - General Midi and Soundfonts

Michael Picher

BigFishAudio - Soundfonts

Lucid Samples

Producer Loops - Soundfonts


Soundfonts folder

Geek Funk Labs - SquishBox Soundfonts Collection - Soundfonts

Lucid Samples

Quasar Sounds

Decent Samples (Easy to convert to SFZ)



This is great! Thanks for sharing this

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Amazing compilation, thank you for sharing it!

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