Best recognised sound card for mastering

Hi everybody,

I’d like to upgrade my linux station with a good sound card.
Wich model would actually be the best and the more approved by mandriva ?
The main activity would be mastering waves.
thank you

depends less on your distribution but more on your hardware and where you want to plug it in (pci, pcmcia, ieee1394, usb), and what you want to do with it (if it’s just mastering then maybe a stereo pair of outputs or SPDIF digital out is all you need)
Read this:

I’ve never used Mandriva - so I can’t comment on this (always used Debian / Ubuntu / AVLinux)…
but I am using the M-AUDIO DELTA AUDIOPHILE 2496 card in my mixing / mastering PC and it works fine for me. Another possibility would be the M-AUDIO DELTA AUDIOPHILE 192 (which they say is made for mastering purposes).

All the M-Audio PCI cards are well supported under Linux (if you need more channels the M-Audio Delta 66 or 44 or the 1010LT work nice too).

I use the MAudio Audiophile also and it works great for me. I also had a RME Stereocard and I did not hear any difference.

thank you for your comments.
I’m looking for the ESI Juli@ card. I will try, hope it will be recognised by mandriva 2010.2…
Merry Xmas

I used to have a M-audio audiophile 2496 and later a 1010LT. Now i use a RME Multiface II and the quality is far much better to my ears. But the most important is probably the monitoring and the acoustic of your room. If it’s low quality, i guess you will not hear any significant difference.