Best process for quick edit via time codes

I’m editing a voice track and now have a large number of start-end time codes & I want to remove the audio in between these selections. I’ll be doing this 20 more times in the next months so want to set up an efficient process for it.

So I have eg:

00:08:00 - 00:26:08
01:30:05 - 02:01:01
02:06:05 - 02:18:10


What’s the quickest way to achieve this? Is there a way to automate this sort of edit based on a list of time codes alone?

Thanks a lot for that, Seablade. I gave this a shot & it works quite well:

I fill the time codes out as range CD track markers, then export flacs as though they were seperate cd tracks. Then I import them back in as sequenced tracks and just mute the original. Haven’t quite worked out how to get the tracks imported in the order I want, so I’m using import region lists instead and picking up from there.

Hmm… not an easy one to answer. There is no way to automate it that I am aware of in Ardour, what you would likely want to look at is the Locations window, and I would probably start by trying to define ranges and set them to your timecodes, and see if that works, but I haven’t ever tried this particular workflow to know if it will do what you want or not. Worth trying though.