Best OS for stability?

(Toledodba25) #1

I plan to use ardour as a vst instrument host for live performance. However, DAWs are notorious for freezing up. This is obviously bad if you’re playing live.

With that in mind, on which OS is ardour the most stable?


(Robin Gareus) #2

Ardour itself is almost completely OS agnostic. The only differences are plugin-support and audio-backend (ASIO, CoreAudio, ALSA…) and some a couple of small details.
It’s rather the OS itself (not Ardour), that I’d be worried about.

(Dsreyes1014) #3

Does it cover OSS on BSD?

(Paul Davis) #4

We have no OSS audio/MIDI backend.

(Dsreyes1014) #5

Would it be a possible consideration in the future to add this backend to the list for BSD users? I don’t use BSD but was curious.

(Paul Davis) #6

None of the core Ardour developers would have any interest in this. If somebody else wrote a BSD backend, we’d probably merge it if the code quality was good. BSD just isn’t viable as a platform for pro-audio/music creation, and even though Linux is itself a tiny niche inside the very small niche of audio software, BSD is way tinier still. Unless BSD has done a lot of stuff that they previously said they would not do, even basic things like real-time scheduling are not really available on the platform.

(Dsreyes1014) #7

Don’t know anything about the audio backends but I thought BSD is the OS which uses OSS I believe like Linux uses ALSA, OSX uses Coreaudio, etc. and from the earlier comment Ardour itself is “almost OS agnostic”. Whether there’s realtime capabilities or not Ardour can still be used to record, edit, and mix.

I do understand it being so tiny in the audio world you’d prefer to not even bother. Was just curious. Thanks for the insight Paul.