Best method to sync two computers running Ardour

Hi you all,
I tried to dig on the community for an answer about my question but I found just some hints maybe exaggerated for my purpose.

I have a Windows 10 PC on which I run the Arturia plugins and another Linux studio laptop that can use an old Emagic AMT8 midi interface. Both are 64 bits.

The two things is not working exchanging the PC: Windows 10 can not make use of the AMT8 and Arturia Plugins works bad or quite not on linux.

So I think to sync the two machines in a way that midi tracks are controlled by linux while the audio ones by Windows 10.

I could surely do as in the old days syncing the two sequencer via MIDI, maybe there is better way that I don’t know?

Thank you, Carlo

One: Download netjack, get JACK working on windows (HAH) and do that? (This solution is not guaranteed to work, and I assume zero liability for the thousands of potential hours you may spend pulling your hair out trying)


Two: Mix the audio and MIDI separately. Bounce the audio to stems with processing when you like where they are at, and import them onto the linux box.


Three: Dig through the logs to find why those VSTs won’t work loaded into Carla as windows VSTs?

Choose your poison.

I think that I would opt for

  1. use midi clock and sync as I would do between two hardware machines such a sequencer and a drum machine. :slight_smile:

Anyway I would try the first two option you suggest, the third I already tried but the problem is the Arturia AnalogLab4 GUI that crash after a while (and it seems the only way to choose the various instruments) and the heavy load on the computer with lots of xruns.

Maybe for a homework production option 2 is the best. So it could be viable without too much complications.

Thanks for your reply,

Maybe can help?


I hope so!

I’ll give a try.

Thanks a lot

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