Best idea yet!! Drop this CMS and/or forum

I think it’s quite clear to everyone that either this application blows or this implementation is borked to the max.

On my connection in England, I was a perfect 2 attempts each time I tried to log in. Here in France, it takes 3 attemps (no fail), everytime I need to log in. I’m not the only user with this problem. It’s not a client issue, hell, I frequent more than enough websites and forums to know I’m not the problem here.

Props to the CMS, the layout it nice and clear, not too busy… with the login issue, could it be the server side caching? I don’t know, but would it hurt to test without it for a week and see if people’s troubles disappear?

Not only that, but this forum style is nasty. Sure, logically, showing replies to specific posts makes sense. But we’re using computer screens. It’s not a verbal discussion. Post responses should be in date order (considering that typically responses are part of an ongoing discussion within the thread and not a specific response). Also, the response posts are staggered. Just take a look in any thread with multiple responses. The post div can really shrink to a miniscule size, therefore being of poor readability.

Surely there are better free CMS applications out there. For that matter, why is a CMS being used?! It’s not like there’s a constant (daily) stream of updates being made. Static pages with a well known supported forum software would have worked a treat, in my humble opinion. =]


I can’t say it works badly! I see no great problem with this forum, other than the quality of some posts (surely IRC would be better for some queries like “help i can’t compile…!”).

As far as logging on goes… well it’s no great problem to me if I have to retry once or twice. Let the nice Drupal people fix this and it will filter down to the ardour forum in due course.

Ardour developers have better things to do than fiddling around with a web forum… like maintaining and improving an amazing DAW, and fixing the remaining 2.0 issues. Let this website work for them rather than them working for it. Thank you everyone for the support given here and on IRC.

Well that’s my point…

The website is causing more issues than necessary. Do you realise that it is possible to have a website which doesn’t require regular maintenance and doesn’t have issues with logging in? There are plenty of free forum applications that shouldn’t require heavy maintenance and will make life easier for everyone. Then the main website can just be a static setup, perhaps and tiny bit of php to make updating the main page/news much simpler. But aside from that, really - a CMS isn’t necessary for this website. So if has a “webmaster” who deals with this stuff, then this is a suggestion for him/her.

Maybe I was exhaggerating when I said it was the “best idea yet” ;] , but I still think the points I’ve made are valid and worth addressing.


I love this project and have been folowing / testing / using is for over 4 years.
This forum software is “buggy” at best.
But time can be better used that “web baby-sitting.”

tim gorman
it director
petr-all petroleum
6567 kinne rd dewitt ny 13214 used to be a static HTML/PHP web site. it was hard to maintain, and as a result was rarely updated. it was hard to organize the manual in HTML format. editing required shell access to the hosting system, thus locking out all but the most trusted users.

perhaps there are better CMS’s (Trac looks cool but is very hard to install, at least on the hosting service we use).

the server-side caching that causes repeated login attempts to be necessary is something that has been talked about before. at the moment we believe that the tradeoff is still in favor of the caching. we would prefer to see a solution in drupal than try to re-evaluate the tradeoffs.

using drupal has massively improved the website, its maintainance, its visuals, as well as reduced the time i spend working on it (yet at the same time increasing the results of the time i do spend on it).


Although I agree with the original poster about the login inconvenience and the horrendous forum, I do find the current website much more useful than past incarnations and that is great.

I have mostly used the typo3 CMS so I cannot comment on Drupal’s login issues other than to say that I haven’t encountered them in typo3 (yet… hahaha). As for the forum, I much prefer standalone solutions such as phpbb or vBulletin. The main asset of this forum is the helpful people visiting it though and that is worth more than a few useability features.

Keep up the good work Paul, I’m sure the issues will be resolved in due time. BTW, if you need any help with site maintenance and such, let me offer my help. whatever I can do to further the cause. May I also suggest to anyone with complaints to do the same. Offers of help will go farther than posts about scrapping everything.

This looks like a drupal site is that the case? There is a bug in drupals log on system that can be fixed. Drop me an email if I can help at all. BTW if it is drupal i would say good choice!

Please, post your solution here if you have one, I’m sure it could be of great help, and would cause Paul less worry :slight_smile:

Marc-Olivier Barre,
Kinoko en Orbite

Yes, it is a drupal site. What is the solution?

ignore the idiot at the beginning.

this is a terrific forum and cms application.

it works incredibly fast from canada and it is super easy to use.

i think our english and french bretheren should get real jobs and actually pay for a high speed connection.

i mean really who uses dialup any more?



no really, get a clue first then post later.


I don’t know if you understand the concept of etiquette, but regardless, you’re lacking a good amount of it. I don’t appreciate being called an idiot. My points were fair and valid.

I made a post addressing issues which many people had previously complained about. Nobody has complained about the bandwidth issues, so the fact you’re accessing it from Canada is beside the point.

The primary issue I brought up was in regards to a login issue (which seemingly doesn’t exist anymore).

As for the forums, they ARE a poor design. It’s a mix between old threaded style discussion boards and fully fledged forum message board. It doesn’t work. Check out a long thread with many posts. Replies don’t go directly below a post. They are offset. Now when many people reply to each other - the result is a thread which is squished into the tiny space between the left and right content areas of the website. Sure - this is less of a problem when you’re running a high resolution screen, but I’m sure I don’t have to tell you that not everybody is in that position.

So again - nobody was talking about bandwidth or data rate issues.

no really, get a clue first then post later.

Hmmm, funny you should say that.

Oh and Paul, I understand why you find the CMS useful, in that case. There are other solutions out there. Perhaps have a look at:

They allow you to try out all the OpenSource CMS applications on their website before you decide on which one to use. There’s a nice list there and even Drupal is there hehe. =)

Oh and as an earlier poster recommended - I also extend an offer of help towards maintaining the website if that would help paul.