Best book for getting started?

I am planning to get started with home recording using ardour, and I am well aware that there is plenty I don’t know and would like to learn. Does anyone have any recommendations for books to learn about recording and mixing on the computer? Obviously, I would like one that isn’t too specifically focused on any particular piece of (non-ardour) software. So I guess I am looking for a general introduction that will be applicable for someone using any package.

Anyone have any recommendations?

Hi DLC11,

It is not a book but… It has been a very useful tool in helping me wrap my noodle around home recording.

I know this will help.


Hello DLC11,
there is a workshop online (it’s german, but perhaps you can learn something anyway).

I’ve not done it myself, I think the best way to learn it is making mistakes and talking to other people about that. I was lucky and I could look over my brothers shoulders while he was recording several Bands.

One useful page (I’m looking especially for eq tips) is:
(also german, sorry my advices are not very international)

perhaps a look at

is useful
(one link in english … he he he)


Thank you for the suggestions. Looks like there is a lot of info on those sites.

I found these to be quite useful too (may have to read 'em 2x to absorb everything!).