Behringer XR18 and latency

A quick question. Do any of you have this mixer/audio interface? The fastest I can manage is 1024 samples, so about 23 ms. I get xruns both with JACK and ALSA at lower settings, at both sample rates (44.1k, 48), and either with 2 or 3 periods. I have WiFi on because the mixer can only be controlled through WiFi ( :roll_eyes: ).

Hi! My experience: I often use XR18 just as a soundcard or as the hybride of soundcard and mixer. My tools: XR18 with WiFi switched on (to drive it from smartphone), Yamaha DTXplorer (old thing, but still good) connected to XR18 by MIDI (the function of USB-MIDI adapter is switched ON), PC with Ubuntu Studio and Reaper (earlier - MustDie 7 and Cubase LE) connected to XR18 by USB. The buffer size is between 256 and 512, Fs = 48000Hz. On my PC there is Superior Drummer (Win version) connected to Reaper through the Carla Bridge in Wine mode. And the latency is really between 5 and 11 ms. The playing with my kit is very comfortable even for live sessions and concerts.

In addition, the mixer function of XR is used at the same time: three microphones for vocals, bass, two guitars and 17/18 aux in routed as USB channel. FX: Guitar Amp simulator as insert to one of the guitar channel, Reverb as send, Multiband Compressor as insert to the Master channel. Everything works properly.

P. S. The Linux audio driver is Jack because Carla works properly only this way.

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