Behringer X32

another successful test of behringers latest product that works well with ardour 3 beta5 using only the usb as the audio interface… 32 in/out big thanks to ardour am getting a lot of console options to choose for mobile recording. screenshots


Great info, thanks for testing and reporting about these devices…Are you using anything special as far as the kernel is concerned, or is it the stock Ubuntu Studio kernel?

@GMaq, nothing special, i am using 3.5.0-18-lowlatency the one they supplied on ustudio 12.10 is this what you mean?.. i’ll test this also with kxstudio and avlinux to see how they react with the board.

@loer, am going to try the plugin.

X32 has a 32 x 32 channel audio interface over FireWire and USB 2.0, with DAW remote control emulating HUI* and Mackie Control*

So I think you can multitrack. It will bring all the channels separated in your daw.
What you mean with using ardour plugins on x32 i don’t know.
If you hook the x32 to your computer and use it as an interface to ardour you’ll be able to use plugins in ardour.

@scriptwarlock: good news… i was interested in buying x32 for my small live service, and i’m much more motivated now. any other hardware/software feedback is welcome!

A question… x32 features “USB 2.0, with DAW remote control emulating HUI and Mackie Control” . Remote control has nothing to deal with “recordings”, right? You can not record in multitrack with x32 or use Ardour plugins on x32… am i wrong?


@Paul, i think the build is at par with the price range and the sound is not that really bad considering it was powered by midas and klark. yep all channels are working fine including the firewire port.

@scriptwarlock: do all channels work? this is an amazing mixer design. how is the build quality?

again running smooth on avlinux 6(thanks gmaq). set jack “port maximum” 16ch=256 32ch=512. if the admin allows me to share some captured songs here for comparison between presonus and x32 quality. i’m asking paul’s permission because most of them are cover songs played by the local band.

I have a behringer x32 running via usb (no success with firewire). Unfortunately the remote control with the mackie protocol is not working properly. When I move a fader ardour follows the movement but after a few seconds the x32 moves the fader down. When I activate the remote button on the x32 the fader don’t move to the appropriate position. What protocol do you use for remote control?

And you have really working the console with firewire?

Regards Herbie

@xherbie: I saw on Behringer’s website that they have remote control via wifi for Windows, Linux, and Mac. Have you tried that?

@dsreyes1014 I was looking for a working fader automation in the mixdown :wink:

@dsreyes1014 Behringer’s remote control application works equally well on all platforms (I’ve mixed gigs using linux and osx, but haven’t had the opportunity to test with ardour yet). The remote-application has some quirks. Most notaby a static windows size (no fullscreen). There’s a free fullscreen ipad/iphone-app available, and there’s an android version in the pipeline. You can download X32-Edit (formerly X-Control) from Behringers website for your selected platform and study its layout without a mixer.

And no, I’m not a sales-rep, just a musician/audio-engineer who’s exited by new technology and opportunities. I consider getting one of Behringers new designs, their faderless X32 rack-model expected to hit the shelves this summer. That’s 16in/8out physical, 32/32 over USB/FW in 3U <1ft deep at about 6.5kg. It can extend to 40ch as the original X32 using AES-attached preamps and AD-converters. This one has a display and buttons that makes it possible, but cumbersome, to operate it from the front panel. There’s also a 1U version available, but then you’d need one of Behringer’s 2U 16ch expansion boxes for I/O, and the 1U mixer is hard to impossible to use without a computer. The guts of all the X32-models is basically the same, so if one works with ardour or indeed with linux, they all will.

@phel This is exciting. Wish we had one to play with at our church lol!

once again with X32 and Ardour 3.3, wow we have meterbridge. though i have problems during this gig regarding the hard drive not too fast thing but i manage to solve it.

Venue i work in upgraded FOH to the recently released Midas M32.

Its essentially the exacty same desk as the x-32, except in a more sturdy and nicer frame. Far better faders and preamps (pro series console faders and preamps).

Runs the same software and same firmware.

Just took my first 16 track recording. No problems running an old core 2 duo with 2 gigs ram and an old USB 2.0 500gb hard drive.

Most usefull feature to me is running m-32 edit and also being able to play music through USB into the desk without going through more ad/da stages than nessesary. Music sounds way better playing direct to console rather than through headphone jack.

Now i just need to find the time to mix the recording.

Pity no one will be able to here it except for me.

I looked at some photos of the X32 and I see on the audio interface card that it’s USB 2.0. So does this mean it’s driven by snd-usb-audio?

Hello, everyone. Can anyone tell me how to link behringer x32 with ardoure i have behringer and ardour on ubuntu studio 14.04.

Plug it in. Tell Ardour to use it. Done.

Thank you for answering, but i plug it in and in ardour i selected JACk then driver X-USB and paired pcs and consoles rate to 44.1khz and done. But then i couldnt find how to record 32chnls that part is not clear to me. If you can explain it to me step by step. Send me mail please,

We don’t do email support. I don’t understand your question. You might find it easier and more efficient to join us on IRC and ask questions there. See the Support tab above to find out how to get on IRC. It sounds as if you don’t understand basic multichannel recording in ardour, because really that has nothing to do with the X32 at all. Add 32 tracks, each one will be connected to a different input of the X32. Record-enable them all. Engage global recording. Press the transport start/roll button. You are now recording 32 tracks/channels.