Behringer x32 @48kHz vs...?

I just ordered a Behringer X32. I’m looking forward to getting it by next week.

For those of you who use it with Ardour, are you happy with the max sampling rate of 48? Do any of you plug in another interface to use 96? I’m thinking of doing this, but can’t decide if it’s worth doing.

I use the x32 with its max sampling rate over usb without any problems. I configured the x32 for 16 channels in/out

I’ve used X32 with both 44.1kHz and 48kHz (usually whatever the sound engineer happens to have it set to if it’s a live show, I don’t want to mess if he’s already started!)

I’d say that I always prefer 44.1kHz as we still release music on CD and that saves a sample rate conversion step. But I honestly don’t really care about sample rate.

I never use faster than 48kHz, and from what I’ve read elsewhere on the net, I seem to be in quite respectable company. I’d never refuse to buy an interface solely because it couldn’t do 96k.


I use it now with no problems on Ardour-4.7 at all with 32in/32out, 44.1k and it runs just fine recording for about 2-3 hours at a time. I was running into an issue with Ardour crashing and closing but had to do more, it seems, with JACK than Ardour. I increased my Timeout to 2000 andraised the Port Max to 1024 and it never crashed after that.

Thanks, guys. I appreciate the responses. They were all very helpful. I was worried about aliasing when using a lower-than-96 rate and compression plugins, but since I keep everything below 0 dBFS, this was a pointless worry.

I also needed to remind myself that the converter quality matters more than the sampling rate - and I’ve never heard of any complaints about the x32’s converters.

In theory, compression and distortion plugins do cause aliasing (even if you keep below 0dBFS) which would be mitigated by using a higher sample rate. However the good plugins resample internally to a higher rate to avoid this problem.

Right! I was also thinking that if it’s necessary, I could record my dry tracks and import them into a 96 kHz session for this reason - if necessary.

I also realized that the x32 will be in the electronic music/mixing studio, so I’m not overly concerned with capturing finely detailed miked acoustics. I’m putting the mixers the x32 is replacing in studio B, which will be the live room and I can have the 96 rate those mixers provide if I need it.

And no, I did not intend to say “if necessary” twice in the same sentence. I’m used to being on forums with edit post features. If necessary. :stuck_out_tongue:

I didn’t buy the A&H QU-16 because it was locked at 48kHz … ironically I wanted to run it at 44.1 …
Although possibly it’s because I really wanted an Analogue desk with a digital interface (I went with an A&H Zed R16)…

I’ve been using Ardour together with X32 for a while now and I record 32 channels at 48 kHz through USB but I’m really concerned about the crashes.
On every concert I’ve had, I’ve had at least one crash! Sometimes 3-4 crashes on one single concert!
I’ve always upgraded or re-installed to the latest version of Ubuntu Studio (several times) but nothing seems to help.
My computer is a good laptop with Intel core i5, 8GB memory, SSD and good performance. The program is always responsive and the CPU load is about 10-15% when making a playback with 32 channels. Generally it works really fine except the sudden crashes.
The funny thing is that it can crash even when it does nothing i.e. it can crash when I have my project open but it’s on idle state. No playback or recording! This does not happen very often thou.
Can I help some how to find & solve this issue?

Please go to Edit > Preferences > Editor and disable “Show waveforms during recording”. This will fix the most likely source of those crashes.

Thanks for your answer! I’ll try that next time!