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Hi guys. I just did a complete overhaul to my project studio which included a rethink on the recently learned capability of the X-Touch to control both the X-Edit software and the DAW. Prior to this recent rewire I had the X-Touch in Midi mode using one of the ports on my MIDI patch bay. Now I have the X-Touch wired into the PC via USB with an Ethernet going to a router for control (which also connects the XR-18). I don’t think I need both USB and Ethernet but I’m digging into how these interfaces work. When I go into Ardour’s Control Surface config. window and use the drop down for it’s communications in/out I don’t see USB. I do see all of my midi ports avaible but I also see an item called “X-Touch”. None of these options seem to work. Can Ardour use USB for X-Touch control or midi only?

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With the x-touch, Ardour works with this a a midi device. If you connect the USB B connector on the back of the X-touch to your computer you should see a new midi port appear. This is the MIDI port to use. Set the X-touch to use the “MC” protocol (not HUI… which doesn’t work). From the control surfaces select mackie control and you should find a profile for the X-touch. The X-touch midi should be connectable from within the control surface dialog.

Hey Chris,

I use a X-Touch Compact plugged via USB.
It exposes a Midi port via this class compliant USB interface so it’s normal for it to show up in the list as X-Touch.

However, I don’t think there’s a default MIDI map when using the X-Touch in MIDI mode… You’d have to configure that yourself or use the MIDI learn function.
I use mine in Mackie mode for which there is a readily available map that works out of the box. (there’s one for the X-Touch too)

Hi Vincent,
Thanks for the reply.
Hmm I can’t get it to work in USB mode at all. I set the X-Touch to “MC” and USB then in Ardour I set the “Surface sends” and Surface receives" set to “X-Touch”. Nothing. I also tried other options in this drop down list but I think the “X-Touch” is I guess internal MIDI via USB.??

My plan after seeing what’s possible with the X-Touch is to have it control both the DAW (Ardour) and the X-Edit software for the Behringer XR-18 but from what I can tell it’s only possible in network mode. I really would like to stick to Ardour so I would really like to understand is this is possible.
Where are you seeing the mapping configurations? I’m only now beginning to dive into this after owning the XR-18 and X-Touch since July. I’m feeling a bit overwhelmed.

oh sorry Len I didn’t see this message until after I read and replied to Vincent.
I did exactly what you’re indicating but no go. There is actually two “port” options that show up in Ardour that I didn’t seen prior to this last go at hooking everything up. I see “X-Touch” and “MIDIOUT2 (X-Touch)” I don’t know what the “X-Touch” option is refering to or how it got there but the “MIDIOUT2” seems logical that this would be the right choice. So I now set up the X-Touch for “MC” and do I choose Midi or USB for the IFC on the X-Touch? Neither worked but I’ll give it another go.

Maybe try watching Mixing with a Behringer X-Touch in Mixbus (v3,4,5) - YouTube
I think it explains it better than I did. (for Mixbus but the menus should be the same)

Hello guys. Len I appreciate the effort but that video doesn’t contain anything related to this topic. Maybe the wrong video link? Thanks anyway buddy. ok I got Ardour to work with the X-Touch using USB. Although this wasn’t the primary goal at least this works. The trick was after setting the X-Touch to MC and USB Ardour had to be restarted. Here is what I did to have it work. I disconnected the USB from the X-Touch, then started Ardour. I wanted to confirm that only my midi ports for my MidiSport 8X8 and XR-18 were showing up. They were that’s all that was there (well beside the MS synth). Then I connected the USB cable to the X-Touch. Restarted Ardour and navigated to the Control Surface dialog. It had automatically chosen the “X-Touch” midi option. When I clicked on the “Discover Mackie Devices” it started working. Even if I disconnect the USB cable from the X-Touch this midi option will remain in Ardour. So it’s cached I guess. It’s vital that after the USB connection is made to the X-Touch that Ardour be restarted.

Thanks again guys for pointing me in the right direction.

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