Behringer x-touch main fadee

Hi all,

I wonder if i can map the main fader of my x-touch to the master bus of ardour in mcu mode. By default it affects the monitor section. While recording I’d prefer to play around with the master fader.
I would really appreciate your ideas.


If there’s a monitor section, we have a fairly deep assumption that this is the listening path, and that this is what “listen level control” should be modifying.

Altering this would require code changes (which of course, you’re free to make, but I’m not sure is what you had in mind).

I understand the idea, but how can I control the masterbus via the x-touch then?

If you have a monitor section, why would you be adjusting the master bus?

Well, there is a permanent fader in the master section and I only thought it would be nice to control it by hardware. Just a thought I was wondering about.

The thing is, the X-Touch, along with other MCP devices that actually have a master fader, only have one master fader. You can’t use it to control two different targets, so you have to pick one.

If there’s a monitor section in use, that seemed to us like the obvious choice since that controls what you actually hear. If it controlled the actual master fader, it wouldn’t control what you hear, since the send from the master to the monitor is pre-fader.

Alright, now I understand .
Thank you for the explanation

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