Behringer x touch issue

First, sorry for my English!

I have bought a behringer x touch and configure the control surface in ardour’s preferences, but there is no communication between ardour and the behringer x touch.The x touch is in mc mode.
I try with my old bcf2000 in mc mode and it works.
Any idea?

The X Touch definitely works.

Please be MUCH more specific about what you did to try to make it work. As in: step by step, omitting no details, consider nothing irrelevant.

1 I put the x touch in mc mode
2 In ardour, Edit / preferences / Control Surfaces / Device Type : Behringer X-touch
Surface send via : X-Touch [24] (capture): X-Touch MIDI 1
Surface receives via : X-Touch [24] (capture): X-Touch MIDI 1
Send fader position only when touched : cheked
Then I closed the edit window an saved.

If I do the same with the bcf2000 it work.
The x-touch firmware version is 1.13

Thank you for your help Paul

I still can’t make my x touch work.
Please I need help.

I doubt this is your problem, but no harm throwing it out there: Are you hooking it up via USB? If so, do you have “USB” selected as the interface in the X-Touch’s configuration menu? Or, if hooking it up via the MIDI ports of another interface, do you have “MIDI” selected?

The problem was the usb cable. I change it and it work!
Thank you Ghunter.