Behringer X-Touch (compact) questions

I know that there are some X-Touch and X-Touch compact users here so I want to ask about few things:

  • Is knob value updated when switching to another bank/layer? These are “infinite” knobs with position displayed by the LED ring, so I imagine they could do that without being motorized.

  • As I understand only x-touch compact can work in “generic” midi mode, meaning that it can send midi CC and a regular midi map can be create for it. Its bigger brother (x-touch) cannot do this, as it can only work in mackie mode - am I right?

  • Is there a way to customize any of those device in mackie mode in such a way that a fader or a knob would be assign to arbitrary plugin parameter (as in generic midi mode)?

If used with the mackie control module yes. With generic midi, not so much.

Any midi device can be used with the generic midi module including all the x-touch controllers. With the “big” X-touch the midi it comes with has to be used but with the compact the device can be reprogrammed. For examples of this look at the BCF2000 midi map.

The GUI does not allow changes to the channel controls only the global buttons. There may be a way to change this manually in the .device file but I personally don’t know how (I just see that the code reads something like that). There are plans to allow any plugin parameter to be controlled without editing but the work has not been done yet. I do not know if it will get there for 6.0 (it hasn’t yet) but it is on the list.

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Thank you for detailed explanation.