Behringer UMC404HD und Universal Audio Volt 476P LINUX Compatibility

I have a Mackie ONYX Producer 2-2, which I only use to a limited extent am satisfied.

Plus: Works perfectly plug-and-play with Ardor under LINUX.


  • The gain control suddenly makes a huge jump in the upper range
    makes it so that leveling becomes a millimeter job.
  • It only has two mic inputs

Now I’m toying with a Behringer UMC404HD or even Behringer UMC1820.

My questions: Do they run just as smoothly under LINUX as that ONYX Producer? What about the gain control?

And what about the Universal Audio Volt 476P?

I have the Behringer UMC204HD and works without problems in Linux. I guest that the UMC404HD has the same connection interface that UMC404HD.

I have the UMC1820, and it is plug-and-play on Linux. It’s fully operational with no missing features compared to using it on Windows. I’ve had it for several years and am still pleased with it.

The same thing is going on with M-Audio AIR interfaces, apart from that everything works as a charm. But you can get used to it. :wink:

Yep. the 202/204/404 are basically the same (except of the number of in/out channels of course, and that AFAIR the 202 doesn’t have these 5 pin MIDI in/out jacks).

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