Behringer UMC1820 ADAT IO

Any guide on how to get UMC1820’s ADAT IO to work on linux, I’m testing with VCV rack

It’s pretty much plug and play, just be sure you have the clock settings in ALSA and on the ADAT device set correctly. Mine works on Linux without any additional steps needed. I have the UMC1820 set as the master clock in ALSA (Internal) and an ADA8200 set as the slave on the back of the device (ADAT IN), which requires that both optical cables (IN and OUT) be hooked up. On the front of the UMC1820, I depress the “OPT I/O” button to select “ADAT”.

I was only able to output 4 output ADAT channels using the alsa driver, jack makes everything stops.

How do I set the clock source on alsa, and if there is any gui tool to see what is configured and try different things. thanks

I use AlsaMixer, but I’m sure other tools also work. Open a terminal, type “alsamixer” and a GUI-ish program will open inside the terminal window. Make sure the UMC1820 is the selected soundcard (press F6 and select it if it isn’t) and set the “UMC1820 Clock Selector Clock Source” setting to “Internal”.

sample rate 48000 gives 8 channels, sample rate 96000 gives 4 channels. This is the ADAT spec. BTW 4channels at 96000 also uses just as much disk space as 8 channels at 48000…