Behringer UMC 404 works out of the box

Hi, after my 4th M-audio 1010lt died I decided on a new recording interface. Having been spoiled with 10 inputs I wanted at least 4 inputs. Not much around either 2 inputs or 8 inputs for $500 plus.
So I came across the Behringer U-phoria UMC404 with 4 inputs plus one midi. Checked it out on youtube …ok.
Indeed it worked out of the box. One hitch, you need to let Jack know and assign the input to UMC404.
I did all the connections in Qjackctl. Worked !
Check out the specs on the Behringer website.
Build is solid steel and the controls are well organised. There was no problem with setup or understanding the controls. Sofar I had good experience with Behringer gear. My effects-guitar-modelling unit is over 10 years old and working.
What did I pay? Australian Dollars $188. Two input units are around $160 - $250.

Have been using this unit with Ardour on Linux for a while and it’s been great. Just to mention a few more positives:

  • As it has monitoring controls, no need to go through software monitoring
  • Quite decent preamps, can throw almost any microphone and get a clean signal
  • Phantom power that works
  • Has per channel (!) hardware inserts that I haven’t seen in units 3 times the price
  • Solid feeling knobs and buttons
  • Cheap!

I wish I was as satisfied with the X-Touch :slight_smile: