Behringer U-Control connectivity

Hello folks
I am new to Ardour and by default new to JACK as well. I recently downloaded the demo version to run on my MAcBook Pro with OSX (10.7.5) installed.
I have a Behringer XENYX 1204FX mixer that is interfaced via a Behringer U-Control UCA200 USB interface. I know this may be old hat for those of you who are mnore experienced with Ardour, but I need to know how to set up my system for these units to interact with Ardour.At present, Ardour is picking up my internal mic regardless of what option I tick in my Sound Preferences pane. I have installed the latest version of JACK (Which appears in the Sound Preferences options) and my system is up to date as well. Any advice/help will be greatly appreciated!

You select what audio device you wish to use when you start Ardour, not from within the Sound Preferences pane. When you open Ardour you should have a third tab to select the settings for Jack including what device, provided you haven’t already started Jack from JackPilot etc. If you have, then you need to use the JackPilot preferences to select your audio device.


Sweet! Got it! Thanx Seablade…now…on to installing some VST FX!

On OS X I recommend AU plugins instead of VST. Ardour won’t use VSTs on OS X, but will use AU.


Good to know…thanx again!