Behringer BCF2000 & MMC

I tried to find this subject but as far as I can tell my issue isn’t covered, if I missed it I apologize.

Before I started using Ardour, I mainly used my bcf to control photoshop lightroom, (using a program called paddy, which works awesome if your into that as well).

Since getting into Ardour, I have been working on getting the bcf to work with that as well, and I finally had some time to make progress on it this week (the config to use it with lightroom, and the config for Ardour are different enough that I had to try some things but now it works.)

I am using the preset 2 setup, and everything works great, except for the transport section. Ardour doesnt respond to the mmc commands. I can see them when I look at the midi tracker, so I know the signal is getting to ardour. In the meantime I just reprogrammed the buttons with note commands, and then ctrl-center click to assign the buttons, but mmc would be nice since I wouldn’t have to reconfigure for every new session (plus I cant leave a problem unsolved).

PS bonus issue: I also tried mackie emulation, and it worked but there were some quirks that made me curious:

  1. rotary encoders don’t seem to be mapped, or even mappable

  2. bcf faders will control the Ardour fader, but after a second snap back to the last level Ardour set. If I use Ardour, the faders move and stay at that new position.

Thanks for any help you can provide!