Beginner question about regions/layers [SOLVED]

Can I get a single track to playback more than one region simultaneously? i.e where overlapping
regions below the top are not muted and will sound also?

Sorry if this is annoying question, I did consult the manual. Thanks in advance.

That’s possible, but it’s a per-region property, and it may be hard to find (I searched for “opaque” because I knew that this term is used for the “muting” state) in the reference manual…

see here

I’ve never used the feature though, I much prefer to have control over individual mixing levels and put stuff on separate tracks except when crossfading regions.

Thanks for the helpful reply. And yes the method you describe I will use much, there is though case scenarios where I might try e.g harmony parts while still in the same loop recording passes which could be quickly auditioned on the spot. I sometimes would playback several takes of different lines and work fast from that, so a toggle mode for on/off would be handy.

OK found it, excellent! The region editor has the checkboxes, press Alt on windows then check/uncheck regions status checkboxes. Gotta say I’m fast becoming a big fan of Ardour, the timeline flexibility is a must have for me and it too works beautifully in Ardour, thanks again and to the devs, I will contribute financially some more in near future.

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