Before installing

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i have the project to install ardour on my os (ubuntu) , i would like to know if my sound card is supported at this time ???

EMU USB 2.0 0202

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You should check with the ALSA team… ( if it isn’t on the matrix it still may work… best to join the alsa-user mailing list and ask this question.

However as a general rule
USB 1.1 audio compliant devices are all supported.
Most USB 2.0 devices are not…

Actually here it is… the short answer is wait and this one will become available… alternatively you could post to alsa-developers and let them know you would be happy to be a tester (if you are comfortable with patching and compiling)

E-MU 0202 USB

Details [USB] NOT SUPPORTED YET, but Emu have supplied hardware sample and datasheets to the developer.

good idea :slight_smile: , i willl do this

somewhere it’s strange the drivers aren’t yet developped , cause this usb soundcard is pretty good .

for your information, ardour needs the audio server JACK and JACK supports any ALSA supported soundcard thanks to its ALSA backend. ALSA has an abstraction layer that makes it possible. This kind of “philosophy” may be different from other OSes (I honestly don’t know). So whether ardour supports a give card or not is an irrelevant question. Ask yourself whether your card is supported by the lower level audio layer (ALSA or freebob / ffado for firewire).

all right thorgal , i will think and check about this .

First thing , i need to read a lot before installing :slight_smile:

so an important question :

the latest version is 2.8 it is said :

This 2.8 release is mostly bugfix version (complete list here) that also comes with a couple of very interesting features especially Distributable VST support. This means that there is no more need to fetch the VST SDK from Steinberg in order to build Ardour with VST support, and distributions are now free to compile and release packages of Ardour with VST support

so , i presume i don 't need to download the source , but can i choose package and vst support will be OK isn’t it ???

I suppose that packagers will have two different versions of ardour:


ardour2 will be the usual ardour 2.8
ardourvst will be linked with wine (windows emulation libs) so it will be quite different in essence since it will be a “windows” executable. So expect two different packages with different dependencies.

If you only see ardour2 at version 2.8 in your package manager, then it’s the non VST version. If it is advertized as VST enabled, then the packager fucked up as the name should be ardourvst.

No, its not strange. For some as-yet-unknown reasons, the audio technology industry and the relevant parts of the computer technology industry abandoned the idea that they used to good effect with USB1. In that version, there is a standard interface for every USB1 audio device, and so every OS can have a single device driver for all such devices, and they all work, out of the box. With USB2, there is no such single “class” interface, and so more or less every USB2 device has to have its own specific driver. I don’t know who came up with this idiotic scheme, but assuming my understanding is correct, they should probably lose their job(s) as a result.

well , my decision is to install from the source :

so , which library are needed to make a good build ?

Do you have a wiki or something like that , who tell me this ?

thx .

Ardour does not provide device drivers. For information on audio device drivers for Linux, please check the ALSA project page.