BCR2000 Midi Controller and plugins


I have recently purchased a Behringer BCR2000 midi controller (the one with the rotary knobs). After some fiddling I got it to work really well with Ardour and also the feedback to the controller works.
However, I then tried to control plugins with the midi controller and encountered two problems:

  1. In LV2 plugins I cannot assign any controls. This might not be implemented, so it might not be a bug.
  2. In LADSPA plugins I can assign controls and use them, but after closing the session and opening it again, the software has forgotten the assigned controls.

It would be awesome if someone could help me with these issues. Thank you in advance!

I quite like the idea of there being an extension to the existing method of assigning controls by ‘learning them’ (Then it would mean I wouldn’t have to modify my plugins - which I also like…) Other DAWs like energyXT have something similar, e.g. you turn a control on the plugin GUI and then move the physical controller and the two become linked together.

As noted by linuxdsp, there is no way in ardour 2.X to assign MIDI control to plugins that provide their own GUI. This affects VST, LV2 and AudioUnit plugins equally. Your second issue may be fixed in 2.8.8 - i must check before the next release.

Thanks for your replies! I would love to see that fixed because being able to control plugins with the BCR2000 would make it a way more powerful tool. But if it cannot be done before the next release, that would be just fine. I suppose you are mostly busy with making Ardour3 ready for the public.