BCF2000-WH in Ardour

I’m looking for a surface midi controller and have seen the BCF200 and the BCF2000-WH,.
Somebody can tell me if both work with ardour ? And what is the difference in the hardware.
If they can both use the mackie driver and so on… :slight_smile:
I need to import this stuff to Chile and don’t want to do the wrong choice

Ardour 2.8.4
Opensuse 11.2

as far as I know…one is white (WH) and one is blue…

Comparing those two images, It’s look that on the right, there is no difference



But it’s strange to have two page on the product website just for a different color :slight_smile:

From what I know it really is only the difference in colour…

BTW I have the blue one and it works perfectly with ARdour… I don’t use Mackie Mode, just normal MIDI, it’s fantastic…

Thank’s a lot allank, I’ll go for it if I can find a way to get it here cheap in Chile

Funciona perfectamente, alt click central para configurar cada control.
saludos desde Bolivia