BCF2000 don't work properly

i’m trying to use bcf2000 on ardour under linux debian based librazik 2. All work fine on install and mapping side. I connect bcf through a2j in input and output and in ardour i use mackie control emulation with bcf configuration.
All seems working till i try to move by hand a fader and/or a button and then fader or button that i’ve touched gone in erratic moves with the sound of motors forcing in both ways alternatively quickly. I must stop the “connection” on ardour to stop it and when i put the connection all faders goes to their respective position accordingly to te positions of each line. If i don’t connect the feedback to bcf and just the input everything goes fine but i don’t have the bcf fader according to each line.
Does someone have noticed this and is there a solution ?

The BCF2k Does not have touch for the faders. The default seems to be “Send fader position only when touched”, try changing this to “Send fader position when moved”.
I just checked the BCF2000.device file and it does have TouchSenseFaders value=“no” which I would have thought would already solve that. So perhaps that is a bug as well.

It’s the same thing when i change for “Send fader position when moved”. Something else to try ?
I really want to make it work, if possible before next wednesday when i bring back the hardware to the studio.
Thanks you Len to try to help me.

Instead of Mackie, you could try generic-midi with one of the BCF2k profiles.

yeaaaah :sunglasses:
it works fiiiiineeeee.
Your great Robin :metal::+1:

Ooops, i reply too soon…
Some buttons doesn’t work, like mute, rec, solo. When i push the bdf button, it lit and in ardour it lit too but not stay active… don’t understand why… And it’s not possible to go further than 16 channels… :sleepy:
My configuration is jack with qjackctl, a2j through, and bcf cross connected to through. In ardour generic emualtion