BCF in logic control emulation mode

Hi, I have had my BCF working perfectly under normal mode for a while now, but wanted to try the mackie emulation mode cos I am fed up of remapping controllers every 30 seconds.

I have found what I think may be a bug in ardour, please could someone clarify this:

I can get mackie emulation mode working very well by inserting the line into ardour.rc, and then changing the to . Then I open up my session in ardour, enable “feedback” under the mackie options, and open the MIDI options and click all the boxes next to “mcu”. This enables the controller fully. However, it only works for one session, because as soon as I close ardour, the MIDI port type in ardour.rc is changed back to “alsa/sequencer”. This happens even if I just open and close ardour, without touching anything at all! Please could someone tell me how to fix this, or tell me whether it’s a bug and needs filing. Thanks very much in advance,

its a bug that needs filing.

filed as mantis bug #1706 :slight_smile: