BBB (Big Boomer Bænd) -- Fedivision 2024

Hi all,

for my first time ever, I decided to participate at the 2024 edition of Fedivision, which is an annual contest of musicians in the Fediverse. It’s a light-hearted contest that mimics the famous Eurovision, with musicians on Mastodon & co. submitting songs and representing imaginary countries. People on the Fediverse can then vote their favourites, and at the end a winner is chosen (who gets nothing except eternal glory!).

The song I contributed is called “BBB (Big Boomer Bænd)”, and you can listen to it either on the official website:

or on my Faircamp instance, where you can also download it in high quality (FLAC):

I had the main theme in mind for quite a while, the seed of an idea for a big band/bluesy kind of uplifting song. The title is a bit of a pun around the words “Big Band” and “Boomer Bends” (a derogatory term younger generation musicians like Tim Henson use to describe older guitar players like me, with our string bending that’s so old to them), so I just put them together, since this song definitely has plenty of both!

It’s a very unusual track for me, since it’s very uplifting and “happy”: I feel I have stretched a bit from my usual comfort zone, so I’m not entirely happy with it (there’s many better songs in the contest), but I thought I’d share it here anyway, if not for some fun.

Looking forward to your thoughts!


mate, I love this music, I can only say: very well done :heart_eyes: :heart_eyes:

Thanks, I’m glad you liked it!

Yeah nice song, great music, lots of energy. I always like the combination of brass and distortion-guitar, they have a lot in common.
One minor thing: I think the solo guitar has a lot of mids, lacks high frequencies. So it sounds a litlle bit muffled compared to the brass.