Batch loudness Normalizer v2.2

It’s been a little while but here’s the latest update to the loudness scripts:

Latest bump from 2.1 → 2,2 was mainly due to @x42 changing up the filenames for his excellent sound-gambit tool :wink: My attempts to pull his latest binary and it should work as expected again now.



Wow, these look pretty cool! I’m assuming they could integrated into File Manager custom actions in File Managers that support such things like Thunar etc.? ie navigate to a folder of WAVs and simply run ebu-norm from a right-click custom action…?

You know, I’ve not really investigated that! That’s a great idea… :slight_smile: The only thing would be needing to either use default value (say, -23 LUFS for loudness) or assign a permanent flag of -t -16 or whatever. Actually, perhaps there could be a small GUI box so the user could input desired target. But yes, I can imagine it would work quite well. I assume one could easily create a an install file to add the right-click functionality…

Providing it works would you be interested in adding them to AV Linux?

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Hi, thanks for the reply!

I need to try them out and test in Thunar, busy weekend but I’ll try and have a look this week. Custom actions can be tweakable with GTK Dialog, Zenity or Yad but I’m pretty rudimentary in my understanding of these tools myself. I’m a facilitator more than a developer. But indeed they would be a great addition to the existing Audio Custom Actions already in AVL if I have your blessing…

As far as the integration of the Custom Action into an installable element from your installation script that is a bit tricky because Thunar uses a config XML in the User’s home for added and specialized actions and in AVL’s case it is heavily customized and Users may add their own so it’s not a one-size fits all proposition for you to provide and installable replacement Thunar XML… I handle this by pre-populating the User’s home with the custom configs but that isn’t something an install script should get into I don’t think…

Great work! I look forward to trying them out!

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Yes, of course, I would be honored :heart_eyes:

Just be aware that I’d recommend running the included as sudo and it will not only install the scripts but also pull latest binary of sound-gambit. ffmpeg is also required but the scripts will check for that and sound-gambit when run. I assume AV Linux includes ffmpeg in any case.

One other thing: the only really “experimental” script included is ebu-plot which makes pretty loudness graphs of audio files (batch operation if desired like the other scripts). It does a good job but unfortunately it currently relies on powershell and the plan is to convert to pure bash when I get the time.

I think ebu-norm, tp-norm and ebu-scan (with or without album flag) would be good to go for now…

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Haha, well I’m the one who would be honored, you coding brainiacs are the chefs, I’m just the waiter!

OK, got it! If this is a go with Thunar then what I will need to do is integrate both your scripts and sound-gambit into my existing Deb package with all of the other Thunar Custom Action scripts… With my limited time for AVL I usually handle these types of things by making them part of each new ISO release as I don’t have consistent daily time to maintain a Repository just so you know… As far as a time frame to get this included into an AVL Release I have a maintenance ISO release (mostly bugfixes and a few new plugins but no new features) that will drop as soon as Ardour 6.7 is released. After that the next AVL will likely come about the same time as Debian Bullseye goes Stable whenever that is and if this all works according to plan then that would probably be when your scripts would be included and ready to use… In the meantime we have some time to try and test and you have some time to finish your new features.

Thanks again for your generosity!

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