Batch archive multiple projects

I do have a significant amount of Ardour projects (we record all songs on every rehearsal).
Can I somehow batch archive all those projects so that I can save away the archives and delete the projects from the current directory?
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Just compress the folders using whatever utility you prefer, if you recorded everything in the session that will save all your files, and can be transferred wherever and decompressed to access it again.


Thanks, but that’s not the point, I don’t want to compress 90% of unused wav material in 410 Ardour projects. The nice thing about “archive_session” is that it can ignore all unused data. That’s my goal.
Does someone know whether archive_session will be exposed to LUA in 6.x?

Ahh understood, not a functionality I use as when I archive sessions I generally want everything with it as storage space tends to be cheap, so for my purposes that works fine.

That question I don’t know the answer to yet.


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