Bass synth

sorry if this is not the place to ask this - but i can’t think of where else …
I would like to find a bass synth that sounds like an authentic electric bass guitar. I have messed around with Yoshimi and some other synths installed by default in Ubuntu Studio but have not been able to find the sound i am after. thank you

I don’t know much about “bass synths” but if you are looking for the authentic electric bass guitar sound maybe it is a Sampler what you are looking for. There are some packages in Ubuntu that can provide you with the sound you are looking for: fluid-soundfont-gm, fluid-soundfont-gs, and fluidsynth… I would bet they are installed by default in Ubuntu Studio.
To access those fonts in Ardour you need to select a-Fluid Synth or calf Fluidsynth plugin from “Instrument” plugin dropdown menu, and then select the patch with the bass guitar sound.
I think that Fluid-soundfonts are bundeled with the latest Ardour release (5.12) package and are accessible right after installation through the a-Fluid Synth plugin.

Bass affluence from flamestudios exploration:

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Thanks man!!!
I was looking for a Bass sound and now I have a plenty of them.
Thanks alsoi for the short Video-tutorial.